Brother Pacesetter PS3734T

Brother Pacesetter PS3734T
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Brother Pacesetter PS3734T

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Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger


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Sewing Speed: 1300 spm
Machine Weight: 12 lbs
Number of Needles: 2
Lighting: LED
Presser Foot Type: Adjustable
Number of Presser Feet: 3
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Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Manual
Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Brochure
Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Accessories Catalog

Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger

Special edition Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Computerized Machine

Brother’s Pacesetter PS3734T offers a range of features that any sewist will appreciate. It’s easy to thread and comes with a brightly lit workspace, making it suitable for sewing in low-light conditions. The machine includes specialty feet such as a blind stitch foot and a gathering foot, as well as a wide table to support your sewing projects. The color-coded thread guide simplifies the threading process, and the trim trap collects fabric scraps for a tidy workspace. Plus, with a sewing speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute, you can complete more projects in less time with the PS3734T.

Demo available Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine sale
Superior stitching technology Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine


Included with this sewing machine is a wide table that greatly enhances your sewing experience, especially when working on larger projects. This spacious table provides ample support and workspace, making it effortless to serge even the most substantial and challenging sewing projects with precision and ease.


Dual Use Removable Trim Trap serves multiple functions to enhance your sewing experience with the PS3734T. This feature not only collects fabric scraps as the adjustable serger knife trims, keeping your workspace tidy and organized. The Trim Trap also doubles as a convenient storage compartment for the foot controller. This dual-purpose design adds practicality to the machine.

High-tech Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Machine on sale now
On-demand training support Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine


Energy-efficient LED lighting brilliantly illuminates your workspace, ensuring that even the tiniest details of your sewing projects are clearly visible. This enhanced visibility allows for greater precision and accuracy in your stitching, making it easier to achieve professional-quality results.


A versatile 3/4 thread setting is on this machine, allowing you to use either 1 or 2 needles for different stitching options. With a wide range of stitches to choose from, you can create garments with a professional finish, enhancing the overall quality and appearance of your sewing projects. Whether you’re working on seams, hems, or decorative details, this sewing machine provides the flexibility needed to achieve the desired results.

Efficient serging experience Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine
Advanced to basic serging features Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine


Color-coded thread guides simplifies the threading process with the PS3734T. These guides make it effortless to thread both the upper and lower loopers, ensuring quick and hassle-free thread changes with various types of threads. Whether you’re using different thread colors or materials, the color-coded guides make the threading process intuitive and efficient, saving you time and frustration during your sewing projects.


Having the ability to change the Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment is very convenient.  this feature allows you to easily change settings to accommodate varying fabric thickness. This feature enables you to fine-tune the presser foot pressure, ensuring precise and consistent stitching results across a wide range of fabrics. By adjusting the presser foot pressure, you can achieve professional-quality sewing on various textiles without the risk of fabric distortion or puckering.

Limited stock exclusive sale Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine
Online exclusive discounts Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Sewing Machine


With this machine’s impressive speed, you can complete your projects quickly and efficiently. With a maximum stitching speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute, you can tackle various sewing tasks with ease. This industrial-strength speed ensures that you can effortlessly finish your projects on time, making it a valuable tool for sewers who value both quality and efficiency in their work. Whether you’re working on apparel, home decor, or crafting projects, this sewing machine’s high stitching speed will help you achieve professional results in less time.

STITCH WIDTH: 5.0mm TO 7.0mm

The PS3734T sewing machine offers an adjustable stitch width ranging from 5.0mm to 7.0mm, which is particularly useful when working with lightweight fabrics. This feature allows you to customize the width of your stitches, ensuring they are perfectly suited to the specific fabric you are sewing.

Easy threading in Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine
Compare Brother Pacesetter PS3734T with top serger machines

STITCH LENGTH: 1.0mm TO 4.0mm

There is a wide range of stitch length options, ranging from 1.0mm to 4.0mm. This versatility allows you to easily adjust the stitch length to suit any type of project. With the convenient stitch width dial, you have precise control over your sewing, ensuring that your stitches are tailored to your specific sewing needs.


The PS3734T sewing machine is equipped with a differential feed ratio that ranges from 0.7mm to 2.0mm. This feature is invaluable as it enhances stitch quality on all types of fabrics, preventing them from puckering during the sewing process. The adjustable differential feed ratio ensures that your stitches remain even and professional, making it an essential tool for achieving high-quality results in your sewing projects.

Customizable stitch options Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine
Compact and efficient design Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine


This sewing machine comes equipped with specialty feet, including a Blind Stitch Foot and a Gathering Foot. The Blind Stitch Foot allows you to create nearly invisible hemlines and seams, perfect for achieving a polished, professional finish. On the other hand, the Gathering Foot simplifies the process of gathering and ruffling fabric, making it easier to add decorative and functional gathers to your creations. These included specialty feet expand your creative options and help you achieve precise and unique sewing techniques without the need for additional accessories. 

User-friendly features Brother Pacesetter PS3734T Serger Machine

Pacesetter PS3734T Features


  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • Lighting Type: LED
  • Number of Presser Feet: 3
  • Specialty Feet Included
  • Thread Tension: Manual
  • Wide Table Included


  • Change for Rolled Hemming
  • Differential Feed
  • Knife Driver Type: Lower Drive
  • Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute): 1300
  • Number of Needles: 2
  • Overlock Seam Width: 5.0 – 7.0 mm
  • Stitch Fingers: 1
  • Stitch Length: 1.0 – 4.0 mm
  • Stitch Width: 5.0 – 7.0 mm
  • Underlooper Threader

Included Accessories


  • Mini Color Threads (4 pieces)
  • Trim Trap
  • Soft Cover

Accessory Feet:

  • Standard Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Blindstitch Foot


  • Dimensions: 13.00″ W x 16.90″ D x 11.70″ H
  • Weight: 12.60 Ibs


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