Baby Lock Triumph Serger BLETS8

Baby Lock Triumph Serger BLETS8
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Baby Lock Triumph Serger BLETS8

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Baby Lock Triumph BLETS8 Serger


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Baby Lock Triumph BLETS8 Combination Serger/Chain

The Baby Lock BLETS8 Triumph Air Threading Serger is here to revolutionize your serging experience like never before. This 8-thread serger features the groundbreaking RevolutionAir threading technology, which allows you to thread your loopers with a simple touch of a button and automatically thread your needles with the push of another button. It’s a game-changer in terms of convenience and ease of use.

The BLETS8 Triumph also offers additional conveniences such as snap-on presser feet, a vast array of 87 stitch combinations, and an impressive sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute. These features make the Triumph one of the most advanced and versatile sergers available on the market. It’s a must-have for sewing enthusiasts looking to elevate their projects to a professional level.

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29 Piece Foot Kit

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Features of the Baby Lock BLETS8 Combination Serger/Chain

Baby Lock Triumph serger maintenance guide


Achieve lightning-fast and effortless needle threading on your Baby Lock Triumph serger with the revolutionary RevolutionAirTM threader. With just the push of a button, you can engage the RevolutionAirTM threader, and it will automatically thread the needles for you. This innovative technology makes setting up your serger quicker and more convenient than ever before, ensuring hassle-free threading every single time you use your Baby Lock Triumph. Say goodbye to the frustrations of manual needle threading and embrace the speed and ease of RevolutionAirTM threading.


Experience the incredible ease of threading your Baby Lock Triumph serger with a simple push of a button. Just insert the thread into one of the Triumph’s threading ports, then press the button, and watch as a burst of air swiftly and accurately pushes the thread through the patented tubular loopers, placing it exactly where you need it every time. This ingenious technology eliminates the frustrations of tangled threads, knots, and breakage, making them a thing of the past. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of threading with the Baby Lock Triumph serger, and say hello to worry-free serging.

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The Baby Lock Triumph serger offers you the freedom to easily serge large projects with plenty of room to spare. Whether you’re working on quilts, home decor, or other projects that require extensive fabric handling, you’ll appreciate the spacious working area that the Triumph provides. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to add decorative stitches to yards and yards of fabric, enhancing your projects with creative and eye-catching details. With the Triumph, you have the space and versatility you need to take on large-scale sewing endeavors with ease.


Bid farewell to the hassle of tension adjustments on your Baby Lock Triumph serger. With this remarkable machine, you can enjoy perfectly balanced stitches regardless of the type of fabric you’re working with. The Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) system ensures that your stitches come out flawlessly every time, eliminating the need to fiddle with tension dials.

What’s more, ATD also grants you the freedom to thread your loopers in any order you prefer. This flexibility simplifies the threading process and allows you to customize your setup for optimal convenience. With the Baby Lock Triumph, you can focus on your sewing projects with confidence, knowing that achieving impeccable stitches is as easy as can be.

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Illuminate your sewing workspace with crystal clarity using the six bright LED lights on your Baby Lock Triumph serger. These powerful lights ensure that you can clearly see every stitch, fabric detail, and thread color with precision. Whether you’re working on intricate sewing projects, quilting, or crafting, the enhanced visibility provided by these LED lights will allow you to work with confidence and accuracy. Enjoy the exceptional clarity and illumination that the Triumph offers for your sewing endeavors.


Achieve the utmost precision in your sewing projects by always stitching at a comfortable pace. Sewing at a pace that feels right for you allows you to maintain control and accuracy, resulting in clean and professional-looking stitches. It’s important to find a rhythm that suits your sewing style and the specific project you’re working on. With the Baby Lock Triumph serger, you have the flexibility to sew at a pace that ensures your stitches meet your exacting standards, giving you the confidence to create beautiful and precise sewing projects.

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The Baby Lock Triumph serger is equipped with a convenient knee lifter that enables you to raise the presser foot without having to use your hands. This ingenious feature allows you to keep both hands on your project while easily adjusting the presser foot height as needed. It’s a time-saving and ergonomic addition that enhances your sewing experience, making it more efficient and comfortable. With the knee lifter, you can focus on your sewing and achieve precise results without interruptions.


The Baby Lock Triumph serger is designed for ease of use, with an easy-access presser foot lever conveniently located in the front of the machine. This accessible lever allows you to make quick and effortless adjustments to the presser foot as needed. Whether you’re switching fabrics or transitioning between different techniques, having the presser foot lever at your fingertips simplifies the process and ensures that you can maintain control over your sewing projects with ease. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that this feature offers for your sewing endeavors.

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The exclusive Looper Drive System on the Baby Lock Triumph serger is a crucial innovation that prevents loopers from becoming misaligned or out of time. This advanced system significantly reduces the possibility of major looper damage, protecting your machine from costly repairs and ensuring that you can enjoy worry-free serging. With the Triumph, you can focus on your sewing projects with confidence, knowing that your serger is equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to keep it in optimal working condition.


With the Baby Lock Triumph serger, you can enjoy the convenience of a thread handling system that eliminates exposed thread and thread guides. This innovative design ensures that your threads remain protected and tangle-free throughout your sewing projects. Say goodbye to the frustrations of dealing with tangled threads and the hassles of thread guides. The Triumph offers a seamless and hassle-free thread management system, allowing you to focus on your sewing with peace of mind.

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Baby Lock has elevated the differential feed mechanism with the addition of a single-unit feed dog mechanism on the Triumph serger. This innovation results in stronger and more consistent feeding of fabric, regardless of the type of material you’re working with. It also ensures more reliable gathering on all fabrics, providing you with enhanced control and precision in your sewing projects. The Triumph’s advanced feed system takes your serging to the next level, allowing you to achieve professional results with ease.


Baby Lock has engineered a knife system with an enlarged cutting bite on the Triumph serger. This innovative design enables the machine to effortlessly cut thicker fabrics with ease, providing enhanced visibility during the cutting process. With the Triumph, you can tackle a wide range of fabrics and achieve clean and precise cuts every time. This advanced knife system ensures that your serging projects are not only easier but also produce professional-quality results.

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Baby Lock Triumph serger innovative technology


The Baby Lock Triumph serger features a Fabric Support System that maintains flat and balanced stitches, regardless of the sewing speed, fabric type, or chosen stitch. This system is designed to ensure that your stitches always come out perfectly, even when working with a variety of materials and techniques.

An interesting feature of this system is the built-in stitch fingers that move in tandem with the knife blade. This dynamic adjustment allows the seam to be controlled consecutively with the cutting width, ensuring that your serged edges are consistently neat and professional. With the Triumph, you can confidently tackle any sewing project, knowing that your stitches will remain flat and balanced, regardless of the variables at play.


The Baby Lock Triumph serger simplifies the process of adjusting stitch length with the convenience of a single dial. This user-friendly dial allows you to easily modify the stitch length to suit your sewing needs. Additionally, the dial features an Automatic Rolled Hem setting, which retracts the built-in stitch width finger, enabling you to achieve a beautifully finished rolled hem effortlessly. With this feature, the Triumph empowers you to create professional-looking rolled hems with precision and ease.

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Baby Lock has indeed revolutionized the cover stitch with the Triumph serger. This versatile machine offers a range of stitch functions, including chain, cover, and triple cover stitches. What sets the Triumph apart is its innovative approach to control—all three cover needles are managed by a single tension dial. This ingenious design simplifies the process and allows you to save time with one straightforward adjustment. Whether you’re working on hems, decorative details, or other sewing projects, the Triumph’s efficient control system ensures that you can achieve stunning and professional results with ease.


Baby Lock’s Triumph serger stands out with its exclusive feature of vertically set needles that sew directly up and down, rather than using slanted needles that can push and potentially damage fabric. This design innovation prioritizes the protection of your fabric and minimizes the risk of needle deflection. With the Triumph, you can confidently work on a wide range of fabrics, knowing that your sewing machine is designed to deliver precise and gentle stitching without compromising the integrity of your materials.

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Baby Lock has made cover stitching a breeze with the Triumph serger. This machine simplifies the process of starting or stopping a cover stitch by automatically chaining off the stitch for you. This feature saves you time and effort, ensuring that your cover stitching is neat and secure every time.

Additionally, the Triumph excels in handling heavier fabrics, surpassing the performance of many other cover stitch machines. Whether you’re working with thick denim, fleece, or other heavyweight materials, the Triumph’s robust capabilities allow you to achieve clean and professional cover stitching without difficulty. Enjoy the convenience and versatility that the Triumph offers for a wide range of sewing projects.


The Baby Lock Triumph serger offers an impressive array of stitch possibilities with its eight threads, providing you with a remarkable 87 stitch combinations to choose from. This versatile machine allows you to unleash your creativity and explore a wide range of decorative and functional stitches to elevate your sewing projects.

Furthermore, the Triumph allows you to combine overlocking and cover stitching in the same operation, offering you even more flexibility and design options. Whether you’re looking to add decorative flair to your creations or achieve impeccable edge finishes, the Triumph’s stitch combinations empower you to take your sewing to the next level.

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Baby Lock’s dedication to perfection shines through in their creation of the Wave Stitch on the Triumph serger. To ensure that each wave stitch is consistent and even with the next, Baby Lock developed a specialized thread delivery unit. This innovative technology ensures that every wave stitch you create with the Triumph has a flawless and uniform appearance. Whether you’re adding decorative touches or unique design elements to your projects, the Wave Stitch on the Triumph allows you to achieve professional-quality results that stand out with precision and beauty.

Baby Lock Triumph Overlock/Chain Serger in action

Baby Lock Triumph babylock serger chain cover reviews and information

Additional Features and Information

  • Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch options
  • Serging options from two to eight threads87 Stitch combinations including Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch options Chain/cover stitch functions include single, double and triple cover stitch Overlock stitch functions to seam and encase fabric edges Flatlock stitch functions for seaming or decorative effects
  • Advanced cutting system handles thick fabrics with ease
  • Automatic rolled hem stitch functions create a professional finish
  • Dial adjustable stitch width: 1.5-7.5mm, up to 16mm wide on expressive stitches
  • Dial adjustable stitch length: 0.75 – 4mm
  • Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem
  • Bypass port and guide for special thread
  • Up to 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure dial
  • Adjustable presser foot height up to 6.0mm
  • Automatic subsidiary looper for two-thread conversion
  • 25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years for parts. 5 years circuit board, 5 years electrical and 1 year labor.
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Electronic foot control and separate power cord
  • Presser foot lever on the right
  • Snap on, multi-purpose presser foot
  • Built-in larger accessory storage
  • Built-in ribbon/tape guides
  • Easy full-color quick reference threading chart
  • Color-coded single antennae with thread guides
  • Wide sewing table for chain/cover stitching with additional attachment holes
  • Needle drop tray with magnet
  • Needle clamp safety plate prevents lost needle screws
  • Safety switches for side door cover, front door cover, presser foot, and needle threader
  • Power cord manager on machine base
  • Household Needle System: ELx705 and ELx705CF
  • Machine weight 28.6lbs (13Kgs)

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