Baby Lock Venture 10 Needle Embroidery Machine

Baby Lock Venture 10 Needle Embroidery Machine
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Baby Lock Venture 10 Needle Embroidery Machine

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Baby Lock Venture BMVT10

Embrace your bold and adventurous side with the latest multi-needle offering from Baby Lock. The dynamic Venture embroidery machine boasts 10 needles and an impressive speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. Merging industrial capabilities with home-machine convenience, the Venture stands out, especially when crafting intricate embroidery patterns. Let the Venture be the catalyst for your business’s growth.

Baby Lock Venture Features

Here from an expert

Get ready to elevate your embroidery game! With the Baby Lock Venture multi-needle embroidery machine, adding beautiful designs to your projects has never been simpler. The awesome Johanna Holmes gives us a sneak peek into her favorite features of this machine, and trust me, they’re a game-changer!

Embroider tuff stuff

Get ready to be wowed by the Baby Lock Venture™ 10-needle machine! This beast is built to boost your embroidery prowess, enabling you to handle a variety of designs and projects with incredible ease.

Hobby or Professional

Ready to elevate your embroidery game? Whether you’re kickstarting a business or indulging a hobby, the Baby Lock Venture™ multi-needle embroidery machine is your dream companion. Designed for maximum productivity, this machine is all about delivering top-tier results every time.

Get more done in less time

Step up your embroidery game with the Baby Lock Venture™ multi-needle embroidery machine! This powerhouse brings a mix of speed, efficiency, and smart features that promises to transform your embroidery experience.

Create and place designs with ease

Unleash your creativity with the Baby Lock Venture™ multi-needle embroidery machine! This isn’t just any embroidery machine; it’s a tool designed to transform your vision into a work of art.

Embroidery editing is SEW easy!

Are you ready to supercharge your embroidery game? Dive into the world of the Baby Lock Venture™ multi-needle embroidery machine, designed to make your creative adventures both seamless and sensational!

Machine Features

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10 Efficient Needles

Unlock seamless embroidery magic with the Baby Lock Venture! With a whopping 10 needles at your disposal, say goodbye to constant pauses and thread swaps for every color change. Just set up your design, start the machine, and take a break. The Venture has got the rest covered. It’s embroidery made easy, efficient, and oh-so-smooth!

170 Built-In Designs, 51 Built-In Fonts, 36 Decorative Fill Patterns

Unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to every creation! With a vast array of built-in designs, fancy stitches, and decorative fills at your fingertips, turning each project into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece has never been easier or more fun. Dive in and let your imagination run wild!

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Front Loading Bobbin

Wave goodbye to the hassle of adjusting your embroidery hoop just to change a bobbin! With the smart front-loading, vertical hook bobbin system, bobbin swaps are a breeze. Keep your hoop in place, switch out your bobbin, and get right back to stitching. It’s all about making your embroidery sessions smooth and stress-free!

Extra Large Embroidery Area

Get ready to tackle any design, big or small, with the Baby Lock Venture! It boasts four versatile hoop sizes, and the star of the show is the whopping 7-7/8″ x 14″ embroidery hoop. Perfect for those expansive designs that really make a statement. With the Venture, your embroidery possibilities just got a whole lot bigger!

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Advanced Features

Baby Lock Venture Embroidery Machine Sale

Table Top Longarm

Level up your quilting game with the Baby Lock Venture! Dreaming of flawless quilt borders and sashing? This machine’s got your back. Just punch in your desired dimensions, and let the Venture work its magic. It’s genius at matching corners and then, as if by magic, it calculates the center for a perfectly framed quilt every time. Quilting precision has never been this effortless!

Perfect Positioning Everytime

Get ready for a game-changer in embroidery precision with the NeedleCam™ Digital Camera on the Baby Lock Venture! It’s like having a bird’s-eye view right from the needle’s perspective, ensuring you’re spot-on with where that needle drops every time. And guess what? The fun doesn’t stop there. With the Perfect Positioning stickers that come with your Venture, you’re equipped to place each design with laser-like accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to flawless embroidery!

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Color Visualizer

Get ready to dive into a world of color with the Baby Lock Venture! Whether you’re feeling the randomness, craving the pop of vivid shades, seeking the smooth transition of gradient, or yearning for the subtleness of soft colors, Venture’s got you. Watch in awe as your design blooms into different color combinations right before your eyes.

Got a specific shade you’re totally in love with? Just pin it to the Color Visualizer, and the Venture will cleverly weave it into its next color suggestions. And if you stumble upon a combo that makes your heart sing? Easily save it for future projects. It’s like having a personal color assistant, making your embroidery dreams come true!

On-Screen Design Text and Editing

Harness the power of Venture’s editing capabilities. Easily merge, shift, scale, spin, reflect, and tweak individual design components, or bundle them together for collective modifications—all directly on the screen! You can effortlessly expand embroidery patterns by 200% or reduce them to a mere 60%, with the stitches auto-adjusting to fit. Designing becomes a breeze, especially with multi-line text, character spacing, grouping, and character insertion. And with 51 preloaded fonts, your creativity knows no bounds!

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New Thread Spool Diagram on Screen

Say hello to stress-free embroidery with the thread spool indicator diagram on the Baby Lock Venture! This nifty feature visually guides you on which spool colors to swap or thread for your chosen design. But that’s not all – if there’s a hiccup like a thread snapping, the diagram will quickly alert you to the spool in question. It’s like having a personal thread assistant, making sure your embroidery runs smoothly from start to finish!

Techknology and Apps

3 USB Drives

Plugging into creativity is a breeze with the Baby Lock Venture! Thanks to its USB connectivity, importing designs from your computer or a flash drive is as simple as plug, upload, and embroider. No more complicated processes; just easy and straightforward design transfers to keep your projects rolling!

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IQ Intuition™ Monitoring App

Stay in the loop with your embroidery even when you’re on the move! The Baby Lock Venture offers a super cool feature that sends alerts straight to your phone. Whether your bobbin’s running low, a thread decides to be naughty and snap, or it’s simply time to switch colors – you’ll know instantly. And the best part? You’ll get a happy buzz when your stitching masterpiece is complete! Just grab the free smartphone app, and you’re set for real-time updates. It’s like having a mini embroidery buddy right in your pocket!

IQ™ Designer App

Unleash your inner designer with the Baby Lock Venture! Got a doodle or design idea? Simply sketch it out directly on the screen. Maybe you have some rad line art you’d love to stitch? Just scan it in. Or if you’ve got a design file ready to go, upload it right to the machine. Here’s the magical bit: the Venture will auto-magically transform your artwork into a stunning embroidery design. From imagination to embroidery, crafting your unique masterpieces has never been this effortless!

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Semi-Industrial Highlights:

  • Needle Configuration: 10 needles, dedicated position for each.
  • Embroidery Speed: Maximum of 1,000 stitches per minute with rapid acceleration.
  • Embroidery Field: Standard 7-7/8″ x 14″ (200mm x 360mm). An optional frame can extend to 14″ x 14″ (360mm x 360mm) when paired with Palette Software.
  • LCD Reading Capacity: Handles up to 500,000 stitches or 127 color transitions.

Technology Attributes:

  • LCD Touch Screen: IPS (TFT) with a display of 16,777,216 colors and a diagonal measure of 10.1″.
  • NeedleCam™: A digital camera that aids in precise embroidery and sewing placement. Offers faster scanning (5X) and higher resolution (3X).
  • Positioning Assistance: Precise Touch Positioning™ via NeedleCam and Live Camera Positioning.
  • On-screen Displays Include:
    • Drag and drop design placement
    • Estimated embroidery duration and stitch tally
    • Progress bar for embroidery
    • Needle progression options (increments of 1, 10, 100, or 1000 stitches)
    • Display measurements in inches or metric system
    • 200% design magnification
    • Thread color delineation and color separation
    • On-screen display of hoop sizes (both standard and optional)
    • A stitch simulator
    • Alerts for thread issues
    • Customizable screen saver and mouse pointer visuals
    • Enhanced CPU processing speed (2x faster)
    • Mpeg-4 movie/video playback with exclusive storage for videos

Software & Connectivity:

  • USB Ports: 3 USB drives in total.
    • 2 Type A USBs (version 2.0) for connecting with flash drives, CD-Rom drives, a mouse, or a hub.
    • 1 Type B USB for direct PC connection.
  • Linking Feature: Can link up to 10 machines wirelessly to Palette 11 software or its newer versions.
  • Format Compatibility: Reads multiple formats including PES, DST, PHC, and PHX.
  • Upgradability: The machine can be updated via a USB connection.
  • Embroidery:

    • Comes with 4 sizes:
      • 7-7/8″ x 14″ (200mm x 360mm).
      • 5-1/8″ x 7-1/8″ (130mm x 180mm).
      • 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm).
      • 1-1/2″ x 2-3/8″ (40mm x 60mm).
    • Hoop sensor recommends the size based on the design.
    • On-screen hoop display.
    • Stitch simulator for design preview.
    • On-screen stitch count and runtime display

IQ Designer Features:

  • Image scanning frame equipped with magnets.
  • On-screen design and drawing capabilities.
  • Convert JPEG images into embroidery patterns.
  • 90 inbuilt shapes, including open, closed, and regional configurations.
  • Multiple color selection options for lines and fills.
  • Choice of 17 line stitch patterns: including running, bean, satin, and 9 motif patterns.
  • 39 distinct fill patterns: inclusive of stipple, no fill, and 36 decorative fills.
  • Duplicating and editing preloaded shapes is possible.
  • Modifiable parameters for line, fill, and stippling.
  • Trapunto techniques facilitated by outline stamp shape creation.
  • Two scanning modes: Fine (for illustrations) and Standard (for line drawings).

Customizing Highlights:

  • In-built Embroidery Designs:
    • 170 general designs.
    • 100 decorative stitch patterns.
    • 10 buttonhole embroidery designs in 3 sizes (totaling 30).
    • 51 fonts including:
      • Baby Lock’s exclusive script, floral, Greek, line, renaissance, striped, vintage, vine alphabets, and more.
      • 3 monogram fonts with 15 frame designs.
    • 140 frame combinations available.
  • On-screen Designing:
    • Combine designs on screen.
    • Adjust text, spacing, and justification.
    • Multi-line text capabilities.
    • Pattern rotation options.
    • Advanced design enlargement and reduction.
    • Needle placement options.
    • Design duplication (up to 20x in all directions).
    • Group/ungroup designs.
    • Color Visualizer with pin-able selections.
    • Continuous border, auto appliqué, and basting functionalities.
    • Stippling, echo quilting, mirror imaging, and color sorting.
    • Monochrome option and short stitch deletion.
    • Thread color displayed in 13 varieties.
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Convenience Highlights:

  • Lighting: 5 LED lights with adjustable brightness settings to brighten the workspace.

  • Memory: Inbuilt storage (10MB) for saving embroidery designs directly to the machine.

  • Bobbin System: Front-loading with a vertical rotary hook design.

  • Threading: Push-button, auto needle threaders for convenience.

  • Sensors: Equipped with upper thread breakage detection.

  • Tension Control: Manual adjustments for thread tension.

  • Thread Trimming: Auto trimmer for both upper and lower threads.

  • Hoop Accessibility: Needle bar/frame movement provides easier design access without detaching the hoop.

  • Maintenance: An oiling key that auto-positions the race for efficient oiling.

  • Start/Stop: Button with a locking feature for safety.

  • Speed Control: On-screen adjustments for stitching speed.

  • Bobbins: Designed to use pre-wound bobbins.

  • Measurement Units: Option to choose between inches or millimeters.

  • Stylus: Dedicated built-in holder.

Support Attributes:

  • Guidance: Integrated operation guide with 29 tutorial videos.

  • Help Messages: Inbuilt prompts for assistance.

  • Auto-save: Automatically saves the most recent design in events of power failures or shut-offs.

Warranty Provisions:

  • 25 years for product casting.

  • 5 years for circuit boards and electrical components.

  • 2 years for parts.

  • 1 year for labor.

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What's in the Box?

  • Touch pen (stylus)
  • Accessory Case
  • Pre-wound bobbins
  • USB cable
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spool caps
  • Oiler
  • Cleaning brush
  • Embroidery Positioning Stickers
  • Embroidery frame holder “A”
  • Embroidery frame holder “B”
  • Scanning frame and magnets
  • 4 Embroidery hoops with grids
    • 7-7/8″ x 14″ (200mm x 360mm)
    • 5-1/8″ x 7-1/8″ (130mm x 180mm)
    • 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm)
    • 1-1/2″ x 2-3/8″ (40mm x 60mm)

The Baby Lock exclusive Love of Sewing Membership is an all-inclusive service, support, and maintenance program that brings you peace of mind while caring for your sewing machine. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Comprehensive Care: Rest easy knowing your machine is in the capable hands of a certified Baby Lock technician. This program covers repair, parts, and labor charges, so you’re fully covered.

  • Access to Online Classes: Gain access to an extensive library of over 1,000 Baby Lock SEWED online classes. Led by Baby Lock experts, these videos cover everything from machine setup to exploring specialty features. You’ll also find project tutorials to help you master new sewing techniques.

  • Savings Opportunities: As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive product offers with unique savings opportunities. These special deals enhance your sewing experience and make it even more rewarding.

Baby Lock offers three levels of the Love of Membership Program, depending on your Baby Lock machine. Levels 1 and 2 are 4-year programs, while Level 3 is a 2-year program. No matter which level you qualify for, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this industry-leading program.

At Baby Lock, we celebrate the Love of Sewing, our love for customers, and sewing as a lifestyle. Visit your local retailer for more information and start enjoying the perks of the Love of Sewing Membership today! Please review the Love of Sewing Membership Policies for any exceptions.

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