Babylock Solaris Vision Sewing and Embroidery

Babylock Solaris Vision Sewing and Embroidery
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Babylock Solaris Vision Sewing and Embroidery

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Baby Lock Solaris Vision


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Sewing Speed: 1050 spm
Built-in Fonts: 32
Frame Patterns: 140
Data Input Types: .pes, .phc, .pec, .dst
Built-In Designs: 901
Maximum Embroidery Area: 10.6" x 16"
Available PDFs
Solaris Vision (BLSA3) Instruction and Reference Guide - Sewing
Solaris Vision (BLSA3) Instruction and Reference Guide - Embroidery
Solaris Vision (BLSA3) Quick Reference Guide
Solaris Vision (BLSA3) Embroidery Design Guide

Baby Lock Solaris Vision

If you’re super into crafting, then you gotta check out this super cool machine called the Solaris Vision. It’s not just any machine, it does sewing, embroidery, AND quilting. Imagine all the awesome stuff you can make!

This machine is like a window into the future of creativity. It’s got this neat thing called the IQ Visionary™ Projector that shows your designs right on the fabric. This means no more guessing where your design will go. Cool, right?

And if you’re the type who loves lots of options, the Solaris Vision has tons of built-in designs. But if you’re feeling extra creative, there’s the IQ™ Designer and IQ Intuition™ App to help you come up with your own stuff. You can even draw, scan, or send designs wirelessly.

For those who love quilting, this machine has a big hoop size, perfect for quilt blocks. And it’s loaded with beautiful patterns that will make your quilts look super professional.

The Solaris Vision is like the coolest crafting buddy you could ever ask for. It pushes creativity to the max. So, if you’re looking to dive deep into a world where your imagination can run wild, the Solaris Vision is where you wanna be!

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The enhanced projection system works at lightning speed, allowing you to preview the full design on the hoop instantly. Depending on your fabric’s color, select from three different projection backgrounds – black, grey, or white – to ensure your design stands out. Plus, for pinpoint accuracy, the needle drop laser can be seen as either a singular point or a “T” pattern, offering meticulous placement every time.

10-5/8" X 16" & 10-5/8" X 10-5/8" HOOP SIZES

Big news from Baby Lock! They just dropped their LARGEST hoop yet – a massive 10-5/8″ x 16″ (that’s 272mm x 408mm for the tech-savvy). Imagine all the mega designs you can whip up without having to rehoop again and again. And for all the quilt lovers out there, they’ve also got a 10-5/8″ x 10-5/8″ (272mm x 272mm) hoop which is just perfect for those quilt blocks. Crafting just got a major upgrade!

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Wanna make your own designs and quilt patterns? The Baby Lock machine has this rad feature where you can:

Draw your design straight on its screen, scan your favorite artwork into it, use a USB drive to upload a design or even send your artwork from your phone with the IQ Intuition Positioning® App. (Yep, there’s an app for that!)

And guess what? It’ll turn your artwork into an embroidery design in a snap! It’s like magic but for crafting! 


If you want perfect corners, the Baby Lock machine has got this awesome built-in camera trick. And guess what else? It does all the work for you with the endpoint sewing stickers! 🌟

Here’s how it works:

  1. Stick the sticker where you want the stitch to stop.
  2. Turn on the endpoint sewing.
  3. Start sewing and watch it nail that stitch perfectly!

It’s like having a little helper to make sure you always get it right. Sew cool, right?

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Table Top Long Arm Edge 2 Edge Quilting

The Baby Lock Solaris Vision is turely a table top long arm. You can finally finish all those tops that have been waiting to be bound. Craft stunning edge-to-edge quilting masterpieces using the 10 pre-programmed patterns. Simply input some measurements, pick a hoop, choose flip settings, and the Solaris Vision will configure your entire quilt for you. With on-screen guidance and design projections, it’s a breeze to create quilts as large as 118″ x 118″.


Boasting a remarkable 13″ space to the right of the needle, the Solaris Vision provides an impressive 65 square inches of workspace. This expansive area ensures you have ample space to comfortably tackle larger projects and full-scale quilts with ease.

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Craft exquisite quilt borders and sashing with unparalleled accuracy using the 30 patterns and two distinct shapes. Simply provide a few measurements, and the Solaris Vision takes care of the rest, doing all the required computations. With intuitive on-screen directions, creating quilts as large as 118″ x 118″ becomes a straightforward process.


Create breathtaking embroidery designs in three connected segments, utilizing the camera for flawless alignment of each segment.

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If you want to stitch a design with fewer colors, you can actually pick parts of the design and take out some colors. Just choose the areas you don’t want, and voila! You can see and stitch your design with just the colors you want. It’s like giving your design a mini makeover!


You can make super unique designs with long stitches that overlap each other. It’s like giving your project a fancy twist. Try it out and see your creations get an extra touch of awesomeness!

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Add depth can texture to your projects using Yarn and the Baby Lock Solaris Vision. Craft three-dimensional couched letters, symbols, and patterns.


The Baby Lock Solaris Vision makes it easy to quilt tops even if they have embroidery and quilt labels that you dont want to stitch over. Incorporate stippling, echo quilting, or choose from the 48 Decorative Fill patterns in IQ Designer to enhance a chosen design. You can effortlessly adjust line spacing, distance, and frame size for the perfect finish.

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With Wi-Fi connectivity, you have the freedom to download update files, apps, and even transfer designs using Design Database Transfer or Palette 11 (sold separately). This feature makes it super easy for you to keep your machine up-to-date and loaded with the latest designs!

IQ Intuition Monitoring® App

Stay in the loop about your project’s status with this handy feature that sends alerts to your phone! You’ll get notified if the bobbin runs low, a thread snaps, you need to switch threads, or when your stitching is all done. It’s like having a personal assistant for your sewing or embroidery project!

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Utilizing its camera, the machine intuitively detects pre-set markers on the buttonhole foot, ensuring a precise and improved stitch-out. The dual-component foot firmly grips the fabric, eliminating any potential movement or slippage.


Changing needle plates is now a breeze – all it takes is a push of a button. No tools required! Plus, the needle plate comes with enhanced markings for superior placement, alignment, and precision.

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The Solaris Vision boasts an impressive collection of over 900 embroidery patterns, comprising: 355 unique to Babylock, 35 by renowned sewlebrities, 15 distinct buttonhole designs available in 5 different sizes, 15 framed buttonhole patterns, a massive 244 large decorative stitch designs, 30 intricate quilting border patterns spanning 3 categories, 40 exquisite couching patterns, 5 expansive connect designs, 10 exquisite motifs, 10 elongated stitch designs, 6 grand appliques, a wide array of 38 font styles, and a combination of 140 frames to choose from.


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Effortlessly select your settings on the Solaris Vision with the intuitive one-touch buttons. These seven user-friendly controls enable you to initiate/terminate sewing, perform a reverse stitch, execute a reinforcement stitch, position the needle up/down, auto-trim the thread, elevate/depress the presser foot, auto-thread the needle, and modify sewing velocities.


With the Solaris Vision’s Stitch Tapering feature, align with your project’s acute angles or craft perfect mitered corners. Offering 12 angle configurations, three finish styles, and 20 ornamental stitches, it provides ample customization for diverse sewing tasks.

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The Solaris Vision offers a staggering collection of over 1500 stitches. This vast selection encompasses: 184 versatile utility stitches (editable with 5 memory presets each), a rich array of 527 decorative stitches, 79 elegant decorative satin stitches, 20 classic satin stitches, 21 intricate cross stitches, 63 combinable utility stitches for unique looks, 3 stitches replicating hand-quilting, 20 tapering stitches perfect for precise design adjustments, 40 specialized quilting stitches with 57 varied needle positions, 2 convenient options for basting stitches, 15 streamlined one-step buttonholes, and 4 distinct alphabets for personalized projects.


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Included Accessories:
• Dual Stylus and Holder
• Fine-tipped stylus
• Adjustable knee lifter with 3-position handle
• Advanced multi-function foot controller
• 17 Presser feet
◦ 1/4″ Quilting foot with a guide
◦ Blind stitch
◦ Button fitting
◦ Camera Detecting Buttonhole with stabilization
◦ Couching Dual Feed Sole
◦ Compact Digital Dual-Feed System
◦ Embroidery foot “W”
◦ Embroidery couching Y
◦ Free-motion echo
◦ Free-motion open toe quilting
◦ Free-motion quilting
◦ General purpose zigzag
◦ Advanced monogramming N+
◦ Overcasting
◦ Straight Stitch
◦ Zipper
• Easy-lock accessory case for presser foot storage
with 3 interchangeable trays
• 2 Thread king spool stand for larger cones
• Straight stitch needle plate

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• Bobbin case and cover for embroidery
• Bobbin Covers with and without markings
• Alternate bobbin case for use with pre-wound
• Bobbin center pin
• Embroidery bobbin thread
• Bobbins
• Embroidery Positioning Stickers (2 Sheets)
• White needle calibration stickers
• Multi-position screwdriver
• Presser foot adaptor
• Seam ripper
• Scissors
• Eyelet Punch
• Spool nets (2)
• Foot control
• Twin needle
• Scanning frame with magnets
• Embroidery hoops
◦ 10-5/8″ x 16″ (272mm x 408mm)
◦ 10-5/8″ x 10-5/8″ (272mm x 272mm)
◦ 5″ x 7″ (130mm x 180mm)
◦ 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm)
• Yarn guide for sewing couching
• Yarn guide for embroidery couching
• Yarn threader
• End-point stickers (4 sheets, 243 stickers per sheet)


• WXGA IPS TFT LCD Color Touch Screen
• Mpeg-4 movie/video play function
• IQ Visionary® Projector
• Projects your embroidery design in a 3″ x 5″ (7.6
cm x 12.7 cm) area
• Advance and select stiches from projection using
the Dual Function Stylus
• Select background color from projection using
Dual Function Stylus
• Set width, length and left/right shift
• Projection of Guide Beam, Grid and Needle Beam
for precision alignment of stitches
• NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for embroidery and
sewing positioning with faster scanning
• Precise Touch Positioning™ using NeedleCam
• Camera detecting buttonhole foot with
stabilization plate
• IQ Designer with paper holding frame for image
• 2 scanning modes
• Enhanced Stadium Lighting for 13″ area of
brighter true color LED lighting on the needle and
work area with 5 settings
• 2 (Type A) USB 2.0 drives
• SD Card Slot
• Wireless Wi-LAN Function
◦ Directly download update files to machine
◦ IQ Intuition Monitoring®
◦ IQ Intuition Positioning®
◦ Design Database Transfer
◦ Palette 11 pattern transfer to embroidery and
IQ Designer
• NeverMiss™ Automatic Advanced Threading
• Digital Dual-Feed System
• Advanced Pivoting Feature and Automatic Fabric
Sensor System
• Automatic sensors
• Embroidery and sewing speed up to 1,050 spm
• Precise tracking system on embroidery carriage
• Resume mode for Embroidery and IQDesigner
• Programmable shutoff capabilities
• Eco power mode
• Advanced Multi-Function Foot Control


901 built-in embroidery designs
◦ 355 Baby Lock exclusives
◦ 35 Sewlebrity designs
◦ 15 Buttonhole embroidery designs in 5 sizes
◦ 15 Buttonhole embroidery frame designs
◦ 244 Large decorative stitch designs
◦ 30 Quilting Border Patterns in 3 categories
◦ 40 Couching patterns
◦ 5 Large-connect designs
◦ 10 Motif designs
◦ 10 Long-stitch designs
◦ 6 Large applique designs
• 140 Frame combinations
• 38 font styles
• Embroiders up to 10 5/8″ x 16″ (272mm x 408mm)
embroidery field
• 10 5/8″ x 16″ hoop has new locking mechanism
and silicone side grips for slip-free fabric support
• Memory capacity approximately 10MB
• Reads embroidery designs with a stitch capacity
of up to 750,000 stitches per design and 127 color
• Color Visualizer with favorite color selections
• WXGA IPS TFT Color LCD Touch Screen showing
numerous features
• 9-Point trial to check position
• Starting point key for instant alignment of
characters or patterns
• Alternate bobbin case for pre-wound bobbins
• Customize embroidery pattern and thumbnail
background colors (66 options)
• On-screen grid
• Cuts jump stitches (with on/off capability)
• Embroidery frame clearance setting for easy
bobbin changes
• Embroider without removing the foot control
• Compatible with optional W+ Needle Beam Foot
and mouse


 1514 Built-in stitches including
◦ 184 Utility including 15 one-step buttonhole styles
and 1 four-step custom buttonhole
◦ 527 Decorative
◦ 79 Decorative satin
◦ 20 Satin
◦ 21 Cross
◦ 63 Combinable Utility stitches
◦ 3 Hand-look Quilting
◦ 20 Tapering stitches
• 4 Built-in alphabets
• 40 Quilting stitches offer 57 needle position options
• Stitch length 0.0mm – 5.0mm
• 2 Basting stitch options: Regular 5mm and
• Maximum Utility stitch width 7mm
• Utility stitch editing capabilities
• 5 Memory settings for each Utility stitch
• Decorative stitch editing capabilities
• Sew Utility and Decorative stitches while
embroidery arm is attached
• Specify end-point for stitch line with capability to
end with a completed pattern
• Stitch taper for specifying start and end angles of a
select category of stitches
• Dual Feed Foot
• Automatic drop feed on screen
• Lock key for Utility and Decorative stitches
• Reinforcement priority settings
• Lateral and diagonal feeding
• Variable needle positions
• Fully automatic built-in darning
• Twin needle settings

Instruction and Help Resources

• Built-in Instructions and Reference Manual
• Built-in Operational Guide with up to 40 help topics
• 48 built-in videos
• Built-in Sewing Application Guide
• Built-in Help Messages
• Embroidery Stitch Count System – SCS
• Capability to save settings screen images
Downloadable Software
• Your Solaris will stay current with future upgrades/
updates via USB or WLAN connection


The Baby Lock exclusive Love of Sewing Membership is an all-inclusive service, support, and maintenance program that brings you peace of mind while caring for your sewing machine. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Comprehensive Care: Rest easy knowing your machine is in the capable hands of a certified Baby Lock technician. This program covers repair, parts, and labor charges, so you’re fully covered.

  • Access to Online Classes: Gain access to an extensive library of over 1,000 Baby Lock SEWED online classes. Led by Baby Lock experts, these videos cover everything from machine setup to exploring specialty features. You’ll also find project tutorials to help you master new sewing techniques.

  • Savings Opportunities: As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive product offers with unique savings opportunities. These special deals enhance your sewing experience and make it even more rewarding.

baby lock love of sewing membership montavilla ace aloha level 1 2 3 lowest price seewing machines portland oregon

Baby Lock offers three levels of the Love of Membership Program, depending on your Baby Lock machine. Levels 1 and 2 are 4-year programs, while Level 3 is a 2-year program. No matter which level you qualify for, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this industry-leading program.

At Baby Lock, we celebrate the Love of Sewing, our love for customers, and sewing as a lifestyle. Please review the Love of Sewing Membership Policies for any exceptions.


Click HERE to be directed to the Baby Lock machine support page. Here you will find manuals, software updates and product guides. Once on the page, just scroll down to find the machine you are looking for.

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