Grace Cutie Table Top Quilting Frame

Grace Cutie Table Top Quilting Frame

Grace Cutie Table Top Quilting Frame


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Grace Cutie Quilt Frame

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Features and Specs

Premium Dual-Track System

The same system used on our professional quilting machines. Allows the carriage to move around the surface with ease.

Adjustable Depth

Adjust the frame to fit your machine. Compatible with Q’nique 15 and 19 machines, as well as any domestic machine with up to 19″ throat space.

Storage Capability

Turn this frame vertically or lay it flat to fit into whatever space you wish to stow it.

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Welcome to Free Motion

Your sewing machine moves effortlessly across the fabric, just like when you draw with a pencil on paper. Yep, you got it! Creating beautiful stitches has never been simpler.

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Fit Your Space

The Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame is super versatile! You can smoothly shift it from the table to the counter, and even stash it in the closet or under the bed whenever you want. It’s there when you need it, wherever you need it.

What is Zoning?

When you “Zone” a project, you’re essentially dividing it into block-sections. This way, you have the flexibility to create projects of any size you can dream of. Whether it’s a massive king-size quilt or even larger, your imagination is the only thing setting the boundaries!

Will my machine work?

Here are some questions to consider: If you answer “yes” to these, you can transform your regular home sewing or quilting machine into a complete quilting system with the Grace Cutie Frame!

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can you drop your feed dogs?

When you want to do free motion quilting on the Cutie, you’ll need the machine to be able to sew in any direction. To make that happen, you’ll have to turn off or disengage your feed dogs.

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Does your machine fit?

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Do you have enough space?

How well the frame fits depends a lot on the table you’re using. For best results, we suggest using a table that’s about 29 inches tall and has a depth between 24 and 26 inches.

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Does your machine have a foot pedal?

You can operate your machine just like usual by using the foot pedal located under the table. If your foot pedal has a cord that’s shorter than 4.5 feet, you might need to use a cord extension.

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