Grace Sure Stitch Elite Regulator

Grace Sure Stitch Elite Regulator

Grace Sure Stitch Elite Regulator

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The Grace SureStitch Elite

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Key Features:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for quilting

Intro to the SureStitch Elite

Upgrade your home sewing machine with SureStitch Elite. It’s like a fancier version of the original SureStitch, with a cool new look, an easy touchscreen, and some extra brand-new stuff. Making perfect stitches is a breeze now!

The SureStitch Elite has this fresh touchscreen that’s super easy to use and lets you customize stuff however you like. It’s all about making sewing a piece of cake!


If you want to make your sewing machine stitches top-notch, a stitch regulator like the SureStitch is the way to go. Whether you’re short on space for a big machine, not ready to go for a long arm, or just adore your current one, adding a SureStitch can give your quilts a pro-level finish.

The best part? Setting up the SureStitch is a breeze. It plugs right into the same spot as your foot pedal. And when you’re in the mood for traditional sewing, it’s just as easy to switch back. Just unplug the SureStitch, put your foot pedal back in, raise those feed dogs, and you’re good to go back to regular piecing!

Customizable Stitch Length Presets

grace frame sure stitch even stitches regulator bernina bsr

Now you can set your stitch length just the way you like it.

Over Speed Buzzer ON/OFF

grace cheapest price longarm regulator sewing machine

You’re in charge – decide whether you want that buzzer to remind you.

Minimum Speed Adjustment

grace surestitch regulator stitches even bernina bsr janome asr

Tweak the speed to match your sewing style.

Ruler Function

surestitch regulator longarm even stitch

A handy addition for precise measurements.


sure stitch regulator best price special bendle grace frame

Need some quick math? We’ve got you covered.

Customizable Colors

Grace sure stitch regulator best price

Make your SureStitch Elite match your style.

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