Janome 14000 Horizon Memory Craft

Janome 14000 Horizon Memory Craft
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Janome 14000 Horizon Memory Craft

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Janome Memory Craft 14000


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The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 is a dream machine for quilters and embroiderers, offering exceptional versatility. With its sewing, quilting, and embroidery capabilities, this MC14000 model unlocks endless creative possibilities. Boost your project productivity with remarkable sewing speeds, completing 1,000 stitches in just 60 seconds. Experience seamless design and editing on the MC14000’s vivid full-color LCD touchscreen. With access to 400 built-in stitches, this machine even guides you to the correct presser foot for each stitch selection. The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 streamlines the sewing process, providing both convenience and a polished, professional finish for every sewing endeavor. Explore further to uncover the myriad features of this remarkable machine.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Professional sewing made accessible
Janome 14000 embroidery machine Crafting with precision and style


The AcuFeed Flex System is a sophisticated feature comprising single and twin dual feed attachments designed to work seamlessly with four distinct types of feet. Together, they ensure an even and precise guidance of multiple layers of fabric through your sewing machine. These specialized feet include the Single Feed Foot (VD), the Single Feed Zipper Foot (ED), the Twin Dual Feed Foot (AD), and the Twin Quilt Piecing Foot (OD).


The MC14000 comes with a standard zigzag needle plate pre-installed for your convenience. Additionally, it includes a straight stitch needle plate, specifically designed for use with a dual feed foot and an embroidery foot. Switching between these two plates is a breeze; no need for a screwdriver—simply flip a switch for effortless plate changes.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Create with confidence
Janome 14000 sewing machine Explore the world of embroidery


The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 boasts a spacious working area, making it ideal for handling large projects with its expansive 15″ sewing bed. Specifically, you have an ample 11″ by 4.7″ workspace to the right of the needle. This generous space provides the flexibility to use the MC14000 seamlessly with quilting frames, enhancing your quilting and sewing experience.


The top-loading bobbin system of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 allows for quick and effortless bobbin changes, taking just a moment of your time. This user-friendly feature ensures that you can maximize your sewing time and minimize the time spent on winding bobbins, so you can focus more on your sewing projects.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Creative sewing and embroidery solutions
Janome 14000 sewing machine Unrivaled sewing and embroidery excellence


Achieve professional-quality stitches effortlessly on the Janome 14000 with the 7-piece feed dog system. This advanced feature, consisting of seven precision feed dogs, guarantees a consistent fabric feed throughout your sewing process. It effectively prevents layers from shifting while you sew, ensuring your projects maintain the highest level of precision and quality.


The MC14000 is equipped with an extra-high presser foot lift, providing additional space that simplifies the sewing of multi-layer projects. This feature eliminates the struggle of accommodating thick fabrics, such as denim and fleece, under your presser foot. It ensures smoother and more efficient sewing, even with challenging materials.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Crafting joy and satisfaction
Janome 14000 sewing machine Discover sewing perfection


The MC14000 includes an auto-declutch bobbin winder, adding convenience to your sewing experience. With this feature, you can easily prepare multiple bobbins in advance, ensuring you have the perfect thread color ready for each project. It simplifies the sewing process, making it a breeze to switch between thread colors as needed.


The MC14000 comes with an included knee lifter that conveniently plugs directly into the front of the machine. This allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the presser foot using your knee, eliminating the need to take your hands off the fabric while making positioning adjustments. Furthermore, the knee lifter serves as a control for your zigzag stitch when operating in variable zigzag mode, particularly useful for satin stitches. It enhances your sewing precision and efficiency.

Janome 14000 sewing machine High-performance sewing made easy
Janome 14000 sewing machine Craft with passion and creativity


Janome has thoughtfully incorporated a full-intensity lighting system into the MC14000. This innovative system comprises ten powerful LED lamps strategically positioned in five locations to provide optimal illumination for your workspace. Additionally, there’s a retractable High Light with AcuView Magnifier situated on the machine’s head. Simply pull it out to activate the high light for enhanced visibility while sewing, and when you’re done, slide it shut to disengage, ensuring a well-lit and user-friendly sewing experience.


Effortlessly manage all of the Janome MC14000 settings through the 7.7-inch by 4.7-inch full-color LCD touchscreen. This highly intuitive touchscreen provides a comprehensive display of information, including stitch options, recommended presser feet, stitch length and width, embroidery designs, and more. Navigating through the menus on this user-friendly interface is a breeze, putting you in control and making it simple to adjust settings to suit your sewing and embroidery needs.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Innovative sewing solutions
Janome 14000 sewing machine Quality craftsmanship at its best


For various sewing techniques like free motion quilting, freehand embroidery, and button sewing, where your fabric needs to move in multiple directions or remain stationary, the use of fabric feeders may not be necessary. With the Janome MC14000, you have the flexibility to choose your button sew-on stitch, and the feed dogs will automatically drop, accommodating these specialized sewing methods. Alternatively, you can also manually drop the feed dogs using the convenient LCD touchscreen, giving you full control over your sewing projects.


The MC14000 is equipped with a convertible bed that, when detached, reveals a convenient free arm, making it a breeze to sew hems or cuffs. This feature is essential for sewing or hemming cylindrical items with ease. Additionally, the removable auxiliary table comes with a built-in storage box, providing a dedicated space to keep all your sewing accessories organized. With this thoughtful design, you’ll never misplace your presser feet, bobbins, or needles because they’ll be securely stored right within the body of your machine, ensuring easy access and tidiness.

Janome 14000 embroidery sewing machine Unleash your creative potential
Janome 14000 sewing machine Crafting with Janome's excellence


Janome has made sewing even more convenient with a range of accessible buttons, including options for needle and presser foot up/down, thread trimming, automatic needle threading, lockstitch, reverse sewing, and the widely used start/stop button. To cater to your sewing preferences, you can easily set the built-in speed control slider to low, medium, or high, ensuring precise sewing at a pace that suits your comfort level. These user-friendly features put essential functions at your fingertips, enhancing your sewing experience.


The Janome Memory Craft 14000 comes equipped with a built-in needle threader, eliminating the guesswork, near-misses, and frustrations associated with manual threading. You no longer need to squint or struggle with old-fashioned needle threading methods. With just a few simple motions, this innovative feature effortlessly threads your needle, ensuring it’s ready for sewing without any hassle.

Janome 14000 sewing machine Premium sewing and embroidery


Janome 14000 sewing machine Craft like a professional

The Janome Memory Craft 14000 offers an impressive selection of 400 built-in stitches, ensuring you’ll always have a wide range of unique stitch combinations at your disposal. To simplify your stitch selection process, the onboard stitch chart displays all included stitches along with their reference numbers, making it a breeze to choose the stitch you desire.

Among the 400 stitches, you’ll find 27 utility stitches, 13 1-step buttonhole options, 18 appliqué stitches, 48 heirloom stitches, 67 quilt stitches, 29 satin stitches, 108 decorative stitches, 18 long stitches, 42 pictograph stitches, and 11 playful stitches. Many of these stitches can be flipped and mirror-imaged, allowing for even more creative possibilities.

In addition to the diverse range of sewing stitches, you’ll also discover four alphabet fonts, including both upper and lower case, numbers, symbols, accents, and punctuation marks, enhancing your ability to add personalized touches to your projects.


Elevate the level of personalization in every sewing project with the included Stitch Composer Program. By utilizing your personal computer, you have the creative freedom to design and customize unique stitches that resonate with your style and vision. These meticulously crafted stitches can then be effortlessly loaded onto the MC14000 Quilting & Embroidery Machine and further edited on the intuitive LCD touchscreen. Additionally, you have the option to conveniently save these custom stitches directly to the machine’s 4MB memory, ensuring they’re readily available for your future sewing endeavors.


This unique feature is available on only a select number of Janome machines. In variable zig-zag mode, you have the remarkable capability to use the knee lifter to control the width of the zig-zag when sewing satin stitches. It’s important to note that the MC14000 offers an impressive maximum stitch width of 9mm, ensuring you have the versatility to achieve a wide range of sewing possibilities with precision and ease.

Janome 14000 sewing machine The art of precision stitching
Janome 14000 sewing machine Advanced features for sewing enthusiasts


Mastering quilt stippling can be a challenging endeavor, but Janome has simplified it for you with their AcuFil Quilting System. With the help of an embroidery hoop, the MC14000 Horizon takes care of all your quilt stippling needs. To utilize this feature, you can easily place your quilt sandwich into the designated embroidery hoop and select the .JPX AcuFil Embroidery Format on the LCD touchscreen. The MC14000 will then stitch stippling patterns as seamlessly as it would an embroidery design. Additionally, the machine’s memory offers various other built-in quilt pattern options, providing you with a range of creative possibilities for your quilting projects.


The 350 built-in embroidery designs on the Horizon MC14000 are conveniently categorized into a variety of themes, making it effortless to find the perfect design for your project. These categories include favorites, holiday motifs, florals, kitchen-themed designs, kids’ patterns, sweet-themed embroideries, sewing-related items, redwork, abstract art, sashiko-inspired designs, quilting motifs, cross-stitch patterns, applique options, fringe designs, couching embellishments, pennant motifs, and a selection of fonts for text embroidery. Navigating through these categories and more is made simple, allowing you to easily locate the embroidery design that suits your creative vision. Furthermore, the Horizon MC14000 offers a spacious maximum embroidery area of 9.1 x 11.8 inches, providing ample space for your embroidery projects.

Janome 14000 embroidery sewing machine The future of sewing
Janome 14000 embroidery sewing machine Expert craftsmanship


The Horizon MC14000 offers an impressive selection of 11 built-in fonts, each with its own unique style. These fonts include Gothic, Bauhaus, Script, Galant, Cheltenham, Typist, Brush, Hollowblock, First Grade, Micro Gothic, and Jupiter. What makes these fonts even more versatile is that they include punctuations, accents, and European characters. This extensive range of fonts allows you to add personalized text and embellishments to your embroidery projects with ease, making your creations truly one-of-a-kind.


Elevate your personalization game with the Horizon MC14000 by adding 2 and 3 letter monograms to a wide range of items including jackets, hand towels, purses, apparel, and more. These monogramming options offer not only initials but also come with decorative borders, allowing you to create beautifully customized and stylish pieces that reflect your unique taste and style. It’s a perfect way to make your items stand out with a touch of elegance and individuality.

Janome 14000 embroidery machine Elevate your embroidery projects
Janome 14000 sewing machine Craftsmanship meets technology


Seamlessly transfer embroidery designs from your computer to the MC14000 with the flexibility of using a USB connection or direct PC connection via the Horizon Link Suite. This advanced machine boasts a generous maximum embroidery field of 9.1″ x 11.8″, providing ample space for your creative embroidery projects. It is compatible with a variety of formats including .JEF, .JEF+, .JPX, and DST, ensuring versatility in design choices.

After successfully transferring a design onto the MC14000, you have the option to conveniently save it directly onto the machine’s 4MB memory. This feature simplifies your workflow, allowing you to access and use your favorite designs easily without the need for external storage.


The MC14000 comes equipped with a plethora of advanced editing features for your embroidery designs. You have the flexibility to resize, combine, duplicate, rotate, flip, create arcs, group elements, drag and drop, zoom in for detail, trace patterns, and pick colors to your heart’s content. With this extensive array of editing functions, your ability to customize your embroidery designs is virtually limitless. Plus, with the inclusion of four different hoops, you’ll find that the creative possibilities are truly boundless, allowing you to bring your unique embroidery visions to life with precision and ease.

Janome 14000 embroidery machine Elevate your craft

What is in the MC14000 Box?

Included Accessories

  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot O
  • AcuFeed Open Toe Foot
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot G
  • Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate
  • Concealed Zipper Foot
  • Darning Foot
  • Embroidery Couching Foot
  • Embroidery Foot
  • Embroidery Hoop FA10 (100mm x 40mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop GR (300mm x 230mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop SQ14 (140mm x 140mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop SQ23 ( 230mm x 230mm)
  • Free Motion Quilting Closed Toe Foot
  • Free Motion Quilting Open Toe Foot QO
  • Free Motion Quilting Zig-Zag Foot
  • Optic Magnifier
  • Overedge Foot M
  • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Zig-Zag Foot
  • Zipper Foot E
Janome 14000 sewing machine Precision sewing for professionals

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