Janome MB 4S

Janome MB 4S
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Janome MB 4S

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Janome MB-4S Multi-Needle Embroidery


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Sewing Speed: 800 spm
Machine Weight: 45 lbs
Data Input Types: jef+, .jef, and .dst
Maximum Embroidery Area: 9.4" x 7.9" / 238mm x 230mm
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Janome MB-4S Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

Experience the best of Janome embroidery in the Janome MB4S! This remarkable Four Needle Embroidery Machine allows you to set up your embroidery project and multitask while it handles the job effortlessly. Designed to be compatible with nearly every embroidery format, including those used by industry professionals, the MB4S opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Enjoy the convenience of multi-hooping capabilities, accompanied by six standard Tajima hoops and four authentic Janome hoops. With 50 built-in designs and 10 monogramming fonts, the MB4S offers a wide range of creative options to explore.

Equipped with a 5.7″ remote computer screen, extra-large bobbins, programmable jump thread trimming, an independent bobbin winder, a direct PC link, and more, this machine takes your embroidery projects to new heights. Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of endless embroidery possibilities with the Janome MB4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine!

Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for quilting projects
Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine with advanced features
Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for crafters


The remote computer screen (RCS) features a range of operational buttons for easy control. These buttons encompass functions such as start/stop, auto-thread cutter, trace, jog buttons, carriage return, stitch back, stitch forward, bobbin winder, bobbin winder indicator, as well as several touch panel keys. The touch panel keys offer additional capabilities, including mode selection via the menu key (for design selection, monogramming, editing, etc.), opening files, accessing settings with the SET key, viewing tutorials with the Help key, navigating between pages with page keys, and adjusting direction using arrow keys.


The sub-control panel offers essential buttons for machine functionality, allowing you to operate the machine independently of the RCS. The mode button serves as a tool to navigate through various settings, including stitch count, color selection, needle bar settings, pattern selection, and the ready-to-sew mode. The trace button is utilized for tracing the design outline without actual stitching. In the ready-to-sew mode, arrow buttons provide directional control. Additionally, you can adjust the LCD brightness by turning the brightness adjusting dial, allowing you to increase or decrease screen illumination as needed.

Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for textiles


The Janome MB4S is thoughtfully equipped with four brilliant LED lights designed to illuminate your work area effectively. In comparison to conventional lighting, these LED lights provide brighter and shadow-free illumination, enhancing your visibility while sewing. Not only do they offer superior brightness, but LED bulbs are also power-saving and environmentally friendly. LED bulbs produce minimal heat and have a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional sewing machine bulbs, making them a more innovative and sustainable lighting solution for your sewing needs.


The spool stand on the Janome MB4S is designed with functionality in mind. In the front row, you’ll find four spool pins designated for sewing threads, while the second-row spool pins are intended for standby spools. When it comes to bobbin winding, the rearmost spool pin is the one to use.

This setup allows you to create products that range from colorful to chic by combining the thread colors of your choice. With extra pins for additional thread choices, you can minimize the need for frequent thread changes, ultimately speeding up the embroidery process and helping you complete your projects more efficiently.

Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for monogramming


The MB4S is equipped with a front-loading, full rotary hook, enhancing the convenience of bobbin changes. With this front-loading bobbin system, you can replace bobbins effortlessly without the need to remove the hoop. The vertical hook design ensures swift and straightforward bobbin insertion, simplifying the sewing process.



The MB4S utilizes large M-style bobbins, boasting a thread capacity that’s 1.4 times greater than a standard L-style bobbin. This translates to more stitches per bobbin, ensuring you can tackle larger projects without frequent bobbin changes. To enhance your sewing efficiency, you can take advantage of the independent bobbin winder to prepare multiple bobbins in advance, ensuring you have the ideal thread color readily available for every project.

Additionally, you can bid farewell to concerns about overfilling your bobbin. The machine features an automatic stop mechanism that activates when it detects that your bobbin is full, eliminating the risk of bobbin overfill and allowing you to focus on your sewing without interruptions.

Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for embroidery shops
Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for personalized gifts


With the Janome MB4S, you have the capability to create intricate and detailed designs at a remarkable speed of up to 800 stitches per minute. This dependable 4-needle embroidery machine offers the luxury of allowing you to sit back, watch, and truly appreciate its independence as it flawlessly brings your embroidery projects to life


Achieve precise color matching with ease using the thread brand selection feature on the Janome MB4S. This feature includes a range of thread brands, such as Janome, Robison-Anton, Madeira, and Mettler, ensuring that you can accurately match specific thread colors to your embroidery designs. It simplifies the process of achieving the perfect color coordination, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of your embroidery projects.

Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for clothing manufacturers
Janome MB4S multi-needle embroidery machine for home decorators

Janome MB-4S Features

  • Single Head Four needle professional-style embroidery machine
  • 50 built-in designs
  • 10 fonts for monogramming
  • 2 and 3 letter monogramming
  • Maximum embroidery size: 9.4″ x 7.9″ / 238mm x 200mm
  • Design transfer by USB, USB host
  • Embroidery sewing speed up to 800spm
  • Embroidery format capability: .jef+, .jef, and .dst
  • Editing functions include enlarge/reduce, rotate, turnover, drag and drop, re-edit, zoom, arc, combine
  • Programmable jump thread trimming
  • Flexible stitch travelling
  • Auto return post thread break
  • Adjustable hoop positioning
  • Thread brand selection includes Janome, Robison-Anton, Madeira, Mettler
  • Upper thread and presser foot sensors
  • Stitch-out time indicator
  • Stitch counter
  • Embroidery area tracing
  • Standard Hoops: M1: 9.46” x 7.88” , M2: 5” x 4.3”,  M3: 50mm x 50mm, Hat Hoop: Optional
  • 5.7″ Remote Computer Screen (RCS)
  • Extra large bobbin is 1.4 times larger than a regular bobbin
  • 4 White LED lamps over needle area

Included Accessories

  • Embroidery Hoop M1 (240mm x 200mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop M2 (126mm x 110mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop M3 (50mm x 50mm)
  • Lint Brush
  • Needles DBxK5-NY #11
  • Offset Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Triangle Screwdriver


  • Machine Weight: 45.2 lbs. (20.5 kg)
  • Needle System: DBxK5Q1-NY

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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