Janome Skyline S7 Quilting Machine

Janome Skyline S7 Quilting Machine
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Janome Skyline S7 Quilting Machine

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Janome Skyline S7 Sewing & Quilting Machine


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Janome Skyline S7 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Janome’s Skyline S7 Computerized Quilting Machine is a powerhouse of creativity with 240 built-in stitches, 11 one-step buttonholes, and 7 alphabet fonts. Its AcuFeed Flex Fabric Feeding System ensures precise stitching even with multiple layers of fabric. You can design your own stitches using Stitch Composer Software and upload them via the built-in USB port. The full-color LCD touchscreen simplifies stitch selection and editing, and it suggests the appropriate presser foot for your chosen stitch. Other features include an advanced needle threader and one-touch buttons for tasks like raising and lowering the presser foot, thread trimming, and more. Let the Skyline S7 unleash your sewing creativity!

Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine with large working area
Janome Skyline S7 with user-friendly quilting sewing features
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The Skyline S7 features one-touch buttons for seamless task switching. These buttons, located on the front of the machine, include start/stop, reverse, auto-lock, needle up/down, thread cutter, and a speed control slider. They enable you to easily raise or lower the needle, secure your stitches, trim threads, and adjust the sewing speed to your preference, whether it’s low, medium, or high, ensuring precise and comfortable sewing.


The full-color LCD touchscreen on the Skyline S7 allows you to effortlessly choose stitches and customize machine settings. With 240 stitches to choose from, it can be challenging to remember which presser foot is best for each stitch. Fortunately, the intelligent Skyline S7 displays the recommended presser foot for each stitch as you select it. You can also program and save stitch combinations directly to the machine’s memory for future use, adding convenience to your sewing projects.

Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine for large quilting projects
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The Skyline S7 provides easy access to its free arm when you remove the extension table, which is especially handy for sewing cuffs, hems, and circular projects. Additionally, the machine has a small storage space in its bed for bobbins, needles, and other small sewing notions. You’ll also find extra storage for presser feet on top of the machine near the bobbin winder, ensuring your sewing accessories are organized and within reach.


The Skyline S7 is equipped with six LED lights strategically placed in three locations, offering brighter and shadow-free illumination compared to traditional sewing machine lighting. These LED bulbs are not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly, as they produce minimal heat and have a much longer lifespan than traditional sewing machine bulbs. This ensures that you have optimal visibility for your sewing projects while also being environmentally conscious.

Save big on Janome Skyline S7 sewing and quilting
Advanced computerized Janome Skyline S7 sewing quilting machine


Swapping out the needle plate on the Skyline S7 is a breeze. Follow these simple steps: remove the extension table, raise the needle and presser foot, push down the needle plate release lever, replace the existing needle plate with the new one, lock it into place, and you’re all set to start sewing. This user-friendly process ensures that you can adapt your machine for different sewing tasks with ease.


The Skyline S7 boasts a convenient built-in bobbin winder and cutter, streamlining the process of filling bobbins. With this feature, you can easily prepare multiple bobbins in advance, ensuring that you always have the right thread color for each of your sewing projects. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual bobbin winding and cutting with this time-saving addition.

Best prices for Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine online
Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine with excellent customer feedback


Achieve professional-quality stitches with the Skyline S7, thanks to its advanced 7-piece feed dog system. This system ensures a consistent and even fabric feed, preventing any unwanted shifting of layers as you sew. Your sewing projects will benefit from precise and uniform stitching, making your creations look polished and well-crafted.


Easily switch to free motion quilting with the Skyline S7 by using the built-in lever to lower the feed dogs. This convenient feature allows you to have more control over your fabric when doing free motion work, making quilting and other creative projects a breeze.

Best investment Janome Skyline S7 sewing quilting machine
Janome Skyline S7 quilting machine with precision stitching control


The AcuFeed Flex Fabric Feeding System is perfect for various sewing tasks, including quilting, seaming, and traditional sewing, where precise control is essential. It comprises both single and twin dual-feed attachments that work seamlessly to guide your fabric from both the top and bottom, ensuring even and precise feeding for your projects.


With the built-in needle threader on the Skyline S7, threading your needle becomes a quick and frustration-free process. Say goodbye to the guesswork and near-misses. In just a few simple motions, your needle is effortlessly threaded, saving you time and reducing strain on your eyes.

Customizable sewing options with Janome Skyline S7 machine
Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine for advanced and beginner sewists


The S6 sewing machine boasts an extra-high presser foot lift, providing you with added space to comfortably sew multi-layered projects. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to fit thick fabrics like denim and fleece under your presser foot; the S6 makes it easier than ever.


When sewing circles or corners, it’s essential to change directions smoothly. With the pivot function on, the machine will automatically stop with the needle lowered in the fabric, and the presser foot will be raised to an appropriate height. You can adjust the foot height in the settings. This function is particularly handy when you need to stop the machine to rotate the fabric.

Affordable Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine for quilting enthusiasts
Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine for versatile quilting projects


Complete your projects quickly and efficiently with the Janome Skyline S7. This high-performing computerized machine can sew at a speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute, enabling you to finish tasks in a timely fashion.


The Janome Skyline S7 provides 91 unique needle positions, allowing for intricate decorative stitches and precise adjustments in all types of stitchwork. With a stitch width of 9mm, you can achieve bold and detailed results with ease.

Janome Skyline S7 machine on sale with instructional videos
Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine with superior stitch quality


The Janome Skyline S7 includes a generous selection of decorative stitches to inspire your creativity. However, if you want to take customization to the next level, the machine also comes with Stitch Composer software. With this software, you can design your own unique stitches or modify existing ones. Then, simply use the built-in USB port to transfer your creations to the machine for sewing.


The Janome Skyline S7 offers a wide variety of 240 built-in stitches, providing endless possibilities for creative stitch combinations. The machine includes an on-board stitch chart that displays all the stitches with their reference numbers, making it simple to select the desired stitch. You can choose from different categories of stitches, including utility, buttonholes, applique, heirloom, quilt, satin, bridge, decorative, long, pictograph, play, stitches for the straight stitch needle plate, and various alphabet/numerical stitches.

Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine with large working area
Comprehensive warranty on Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine


The Janome Skyline S7 comes equipped with advanced tools for creative expression. One of these features is the Variable Zig Zag, which allows precise control over the stitch width using the knee lift. You can start with a straight stitch and, while the machine is running, press against the knee lifter to widen your stitch to a 9mm zigzag. By releasing pressure, you can gradually return to a straight stitch for a tapered finish. If you don’t want a 9mm stitch, you can easily control the maximum width of the stitch setting in the machine’s set mode. This feature offers versatility and precision in your sewing projects.


Janome America, Inc. provides a comprehensive 25-year warranty for your machine from the date of purchase. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts due to quality and material defects. Electrical components are covered for five years, and you also receive one year of complimentary labor service performed by an Authorized Janome Retailer, typically the dealership where you made your machine purchase. Enjoy peace of mind with Janome’s generous warranty coverage.

Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine for professional seamstresses

Skyline S7 Features

  • 240 Built-In Stitches
  • 11 One-Step Buttonholes
  • 7 Alphabets
  • Top Loading 9mm Full Rotary Hook
  • USB Port for adding Stitches
  • Stitch Composer Stitch Creation Program
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • Built-In Advanced Needle Threader
  • Snap-on Presser Feet
  • Easy Set Bobbin
  • Easy Bobbin Winding Plate with Thread Cutter
  • Memorized Needle Up/Down
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System
  • Variable Zig-Zag for Free Motion Quilting
  • One-Step Needle Plate Conversion
  • Compatible with Accessories Listed for: Horizontal Rotary Hook, 9mm stitch width, High shank models with AcuFeed


  • Machine Weight: 24.8 lbs. (11.24 kg)
  • Machine Dimension: W 19″ x H 12.5″ x D 9.25″
  • Bobbins: Class 15 / A Style
  • Needle System: 15×1


Included Accessories

  • 1/4″ Seam Foot O, Top Loading, 9mm Stitch Width Models
  • AcuFeed Flex™ Dual Feed Holder with AD Foot
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
  • Blind Hem Foot G (9mm)
  • Bobbin (Standard)
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Button Shank Plate
  • Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate
  • Darning Foot
  • Extra Large Foot Controller
  • Free Motion Quilting Closed Toe Foot (QC)
  • Free Motion Quilting Open Toe Foot (QO)
  • Free Motion Quilting Zig-Zag Foot (QV)
  • Knee lifter
  • Knee Lifter
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Lint Brush
  • Needle Set
  • Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot
  • Overcast Foot M: Top Load, 9mm
  • Quilting Guide Bar
  • Rolled Hem Foot 2mm
  • Satin Stitch Foot: 9mm Models
  • Spool Holder (Special)
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate
  • Touch Panel Stylus
  • Variable Zig-Zag Open Toe Foot (QZ)
  • Zig-Zag Foot
  • Zipper Foot E

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