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Embroidery is an art that can be perfected with the right techniques and tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, these tips will help you achieve flawless results every time. We’ll cover hooping techniques, the best needles to use, stabilizers, threads, and designs. Plus, we’ll highlight some top machines available at Save Stores, including the all-new Bernina 990.

Hooping Techniques

Proper Hooping: Ensure your fabric is taut but not stretched when placing it in the hoop to prevent puckering and misaligned stitches. Use a temporary spray adhesive to secure the stabilizer to the fabric, reducing movement during stitching. Always cut the stabilizer a bit larger than the hoop size to ensure full coverage and stability​ (BERNINA)​​ (Bernina)​.

Hooping on Grain: Align the fabric’s grain with the hoop’s vertical and horizontal markings to prevent stretching during stitching, leading to smoother results​ (BERNINA)​​ (Bernina)​.


Choosing the right needle is crucial for embroidery success:

Universal Needles: Ideal for most embroidery projects on woven fabrics. Sizes range from 70/10 to 90/14 depending on fabric thickness.

Ballpoint Needles: Best for knit fabrics as they prevent snagging and skipped stitches.

Specialty Needles: Metallic needles are great for metallic threads, and embroidery needles are designed to handle the intricacies of dense designs​ (BERNINA)​​ (BERNINA)​.


Stabilizers support the fabric during embroidery, preventing shifting and puckering. Here’s how to choose the right one:

Cut-Away Stabilizers: Provide strong support and are ideal for knit or stretchy fabrics. They remain on the fabric after embroidery, adding stability​ (BERNINA)​​ (Bernina)​.

Tear-Away Stabilizers: Best for woven fabrics that don’t stretch. They are easy to remove after stitching​ (BERNINA)​​ (Bernina)​.

Wash-Away Stabilizers: Perfect for delicate fabrics and projects where no stabilizer should remain visible. They dissolve in water after embroidery is complete​ (BERNINA)​​ (Bernina)​.


High-quality threads ensure your designs are vibrant and durable:

Polyester Threads: Strong and colorfast, making them ideal for most embroidery projects. They are also more durable and suitable for high-speed embroidery​ (BERNINA)​.

Cotton Threads: Offer a natural look and are great for vintage-style embroidery​ (BERNINA)​.

Metallic Threads: Add shimmer and shine to your designs but require needles specifically designed to handle them to avoid breakage​ (BERNINA)​.


Choosing the right design is key to successful embroidery:

Match Designs to Fabric: Ensure your design is suitable for the type of fabric you are using. Dense designs work well on sturdy fabrics, while lighter designs are better for delicate fabrics​ (BERNINA)​​ (BERNINA)​.

Use Templates: Printed templates help in positioning the design accurately on the fabric, which is especially useful for multi-hoop projects​ (BERNINA)​.

Recommended Machines at Save Stores

Here are some top embroidery machines available at Save Stores:

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