Baby Lock Celebrate

Baby Lock Celebrate
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Baby Lock Celebrate

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Baby Lock Celebrate BLS1 Serger


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Baby Lock Celebrate BLS1 Serger/Overlocker

Let’s rejoice in the endless possibilities offered by the Babylock Celebrate Serger. This sewing marvel is user-friendly, lightweight, and portable, making it your ideal companion for sewing classes and guild gatherings. Achieve impeccable finishes on your garments, blankets, and various projects.

Explore the art of serging with decorative edges using two, three, or four threads. The Celebrate Serger excels at sewing blind hems, lettuce edges, flatlock, rolled edges, and much more. These exquisite details will elevate the look of your garments, blankets, and home decor items to professional standards.

Operating at a remarkable speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute, this serger boasts a jet-air threading system for effortless setup. Its versatility shines through with 4/3/2 thread serging options. Even when working with thicker fabrics, the adjustable presser foot height ensures seamless handling.

With a multitude of features packed into the Baby Lock Celebrate Serger, it stands ready to conquer any project you place under its capable needle, making your sewing endeavors both delightful and successful.

Piecing a Quilt on a Serger

Features of the Baby Lock Celebrate BLS1 Serger

Jet-Air Threading

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Needle Threading System

Say goodbye to the hassle of threading your needle the old-fashioned way! With the Baby Lock Celebrate, all it takes is a simple touch of the lever to get your needle threaded and ready to go. The built-in needle threader is secure and super efficient, making your sewing experience swift and effortless. No more squinting or fumbling—just pure sewing bliss

Baby Lock Celebrate serger serging techniques
Best price Baby Lock Celebrate overlocker


The Baby Lock Celebrate Serger has got your back! Unlike other machines, the Celebrate features vertically set needles that only move up and down, offering maximum fabric protection. Say goodbye to needle deflection and fabric damage; with the Celebrate Serger, you get precise and clean stitches every time

Micromatic Twin Cam Tension System

Achieve impeccable, tangle-free stitches with the Micromatic Twin Cam Tension System. This system guarantees seamless thread movement through the tensions, delivering flawless stitches. When combined with the fabric support system, your stitches will appear perfectly flat on your fabric, regardless of stitch width or material type.

Baby Lock Celebrate serger heirloom sewing


The Fabric Support System on the Baby Lock Celebrate ensures that your stitches remain flat and stable, no matter the speed, fabric, or stitch type you select. Integrated stitch fingers work in harmony with the knife, dynamically adjusting the seam in sync with the cutting width. This coordinated action, in tandem with the Micromatic Twin Cam Tension System, provides you with exceptional stitching capabilities.


The Baby Lock Celebrate serger is equipped with some remarkable features that enhance its performance. Thanks to its extra-high presser foot and the Advanced Knife Driving and One-Way Clutch System, it has a larger cutting bite. This means it can effortlessly handle thicker fabrics while providing improved visibility during the cutting process. This combination of features ensures that your serger can tackle a wide range of fabrics and projects with ease.

Baby Lock Celebrate serger garment construction
Buy Baby Lock Celebrate serger online


Adjusting your stitch length on the Celebrate serger is a breeze with a simple flick of the wrist. The machine features one dial that offers convenient control over your stitch length. What’s more, it includes an automatic rolled hem setting that retracts the built-in stitch width finger, allowing you to achieve a neat and professional rolled hem finish effortlessly. Say goodbye to complicated adjustments and hello to easy and precise stitching with the Celebrate serger.


The Celebrate serger’s presser foot can be raised up to 6mm (3/18″), offering you a few extra millimeters that can make a significant difference, especially when working with thicker fabrics like denim or fleece. This extra lift ensures that your machine can smoothly handle bulky materials, making your sewing experience more versatile and accommodating for a wide range of fabric types.

Baby Lock Celebrate on sale now


Experience the world of sewing in true colors and with precision, thanks to the ultra-bright LED light featured on the Celebrate Serger. Positioned above the needle, this LED light illuminates your workspace, creating a well-lit area that not only ensures you never miss a stitch but also helps reduce eye strain. Sew with clarity and comfort, even during extended sewing sessions, with the brilliant LED lighting of the Celebrate Serger.

Tubular Loopers

Babylock’s Tubular Loopers are a game-changer when it comes to threading your serger. These innovative loopers not only eliminate threading mistakes but also protect your valuable thread. With no exposed thread or tricky thread guides to worry about, you have the freedom to thread your serger in any order that suits you. Enjoy the convenience and confidence that Tubular Loopers bring to your serging projects, making the process smoother and error-free.

Baby Lock Celebrate serger fabric manipulation
Baby Lock Celebrate serger rolled hemming

Full Featured Single Unit Differential Feed

The Celebrate Serger features a single-unit feed dog mechanism that delivers dependable and consistent fabric feeding. This method ensures reliable feeding across all types of fabrics, as well as consistent gathering when needed. With this innovative feed dog system, you can trust that your serging projects will proceed smoothly and with precision, regardless of the fabric you’re working with.

Looper Drive System

Baby Lock’s exclusive Looper Drive System is a remarkable feature that safeguards your serger. By preventing misalignment or timing issues with the loopers, it effectively eliminates the risk of irreparable damage to these crucial components. With this advanced system in place, you can enjoy peace of mind while using your Baby Lock serger, knowing that it’s engineered for both precision and durability, ensuring many worry-free sewing sessions.

Baby Lock Celebrate serger home decor


Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find included:

  1. Foot Control: For easy and precise control over your serger.

  2. Lint Brush/Needle Insert Tool: Keeping your machine clean and helping with needle changes.

  3. Two (2) Needle Clamp Screws: Handy for securing your needles in place.

  4. Assorted Sized Needles: Different needle sizes for various sewing tasks.

  5. Screwdrivers: Essential tools for making adjustments and maintenance.

  6. Tweezers: Great for handling small threads and making fine adjustments.

  7. Upper Blade: Part of the cutting mechanism for neat edges.

  8. Looper Threading Tool: A lifesaver for threading the loopers easily.

  9. Soft Cover: To protect your serger when it’s not in use.

  10. Four (4) Spool Caps: Keep your thread spools organized and tangle-free.

  11. Four (4) Sponge Disks: Used to control thread tension.

  12. Four (4) Thread Nets: Prevent thread spools from unraveling.

  13. Allen Wrench: Useful for various adjustments and maintenance tasks.

  14. Four (4) Cone Holders: Keep your thread cones steady during sewing.

  15. Manual: Your go-to guide for mastering your Celebrate serger.


The Baby Lock Celebrate serger is packed with some incredible key features that make it a must-have for sewing enthusiasts! Here’s a breakdown of what sets it apart:

  1. 1500 Stitches Per Minute: With a blazing sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute, you’ll finish your projects in no time.

  2. Jet-Air Threading: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual threading. The Jet-Air Threading system makes threading your machine a breeze.

  3. 4/3/2 Thread Serging: Versatility is key! This serger allows you to use 4, 3, or 2 threads for a wide range of stitching options.

  4. Side Thread Cutter: Conveniently trims excess thread with a side cutter, keeping your edges clean.

  5. Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment: Customize the presser foot pressure to match your fabric for precise stitching.

  6. Enhanced Telescopic Antenna with Thread Guides: Ensures smooth thread delivery for consistent results.

  7. Built-in Accessory Storage: Keep your accessories organized and within reach for easy access.

  8. Needle Threader: No more squinting and struggling – the built-in needle threader simplifies the threading process.

  9. Pure Lighting with 1 LED Light: Enjoy excellent visibility with pure, bright LED lighting.

  10. Dial Adjustable Stitch Width: Adjust the stitch width from 1.5mm to 7.5mm, giving you control over your stitch style.

  11. Dial Adjustable Stitch Length: Customize stitch length from 0.75mm to 4mm to suit your project needs.

  12. Needle System HAx1SP (15×1): Compatible with a range of needle types for different fabrics and techniques.

  13. Knife and Needles Closer for Easier Serging Curves: Perfect for smoothly navigating curves and corners.

  14. Full-Featured Differential Feed: Achieve precise control over fabric movement, preventing stretching or puckering.

With these incredible features, the Baby Lock Celebrate serger makes sewing a joy and opens up a world of creative possibilities for your projects.


  • Foot Kit (BLES4FTKT)
  • Six Foot Kit (BLE1AT-Feet)
  • Beading Foot (BLE-BF)
  • Blindhem Foot (BLE-BLHFS)
  • Clear Foot (BLE3ATW-CLF)
  • Cording Foot 3mm (BLE-CF3)
  • Cording Foot 5mm (BLE-CF5)
  • Elastic Foot (BLE-EF)
  • Flat Sole Foot (BLE3ATW-FSF)
  • Lace Applicator Foot (BLE-LF)
  • Ruffling Foot (BLE-RF)
  • Teflon Foot (BLE3ATW-TF)



  • 10-Years Parts
  • 5-Years Electrical
  • 1-Year Labor



  • Machine weight:16 lbs. (7.26 kg)
  • Machine Dimension: 12-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ x 11″

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